Friday, September 25, 2009

The week that was

This week I caught the MTC play God of Carnage (not my fave play this year, but just got wind of next year's season and it looks a little more uplifting than this year). Got pretty hair after a visit to the Salon. Listened to the most recent additions to my iTunes La Roux and Daft Punk's Alive. Ate yoghurt covered red licorice and rediscovered my love of cottage cheese. I also collected the Gumnuts above on my walk. All the while work got increasingly stressful, but it was always going to happen.

The weekend will involve house stuff (and hopefully some desperately required time out) as the Fiesta is next weekend. Eep.

30/30 challenge: 30 mins walking, just.


Jenaveve said...

Love a gumnut! Or a pinecone... there's a few of those lying around here.

Nice snapshot of the week.

Catherine said...

Lovely pictures, it sours like you have had a busy week, but yay it's so close to the weekend! will you be watching the grand final, I think I'll have to watch out of curiosity. Hope you have a lovely one!

Jac said...

Gorgeous photos, at first i thought they looked like ceramics until I read further down, lol! I hope you've had a nice weekend!