Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And another thing...

Photo: Magnolia and flower illustration no. 6692 by Kari Herer Photography

start of a new month brings challenges. This time it's personal. I'm no stranger to setting myself physical tasks and September is about moving EVERY SINGLE DAY for a minimum of 30 mins (which from here on in will be referred to as the 30/30 challenge). If, by the end of the month I manage to do that, not missing one day I will treat myself to the print above (or hopefully one similar if it sells out!) I absolutely love the combination of illustration and photography.

I'm done for today: 40 mins walking. Only 29 days to go.


Erin said...

Nice one! I might try and set myself a similar challenge - beautiful piece :)

Jac said...

Well done! I love this kind of incentive saving, keeping fit and enjoying art!