Thursday, September 17, 2009

This week in the garden

The succulents are showing tiny new signs of life. And one is even about to flower. I had fears that I harvested them for cuttings too heavily, but they seem to be happy enough, particularly in the sunshine they've been enjoying over the last week or so.

There's other signs of life too. The basil has the tiniest of leaves, so does the beetroot. Still no sign of the carrots or rocket yet. This is the first time I will have lived through a spring with a garden to tend, I'm excited!

30/30 challenge: 40 mins walking


Martina said...

Lovely pictures...especially the second!

Jac said...

Oh it's so exciting when you first start growing your own vegetables. I love it and I still get excited when the shoots come through and I've had a garden for 8 years!