Friday, September 18, 2009

The week that was

It's been a good week after the lows and highs from last week.

We've been privy to some glorious spring weather, allowing for three days of riding. Gosh I love the bike.

Mr T surprised me on Tuesday by walking in the door before 7pm. That's unheard of, he's usually no home until after 8:30 pm. We used the extra time to watch Tropic Thunder. Robert Downey Jnr as the Australian is awesome and I can't think of a funnier closing scene. It's an easy movie to watch, particularly if you're partaking in some crochet at the same time!

Last night I caught up with 'the girls'. I so didn't feel like heading out, but so glad I did. Good food with lots of laughs. Our meal went straight from entree to dessert, it was so worth skipping mains!

It's the small things, but I'm excited for the weekend, I get to look after the pappies. The Pies are playing in another final on Saturday night and the plan is to get stuff done for the fiesta in a couple of weeks time. I want to finish these paper flags that I'll be using as decoration.

30/30 challenge: 30 mins walking in the glorious sunshine

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