Thursday, August 27, 2009

VCA Student Gallery

I work in Southbank which I see as both a blessing and a curse. A curse because it's not quite in the city and much like the Docklands, because of the high rises it's a major wind tunnel. That said it is close to the city and is known as the Melbourne arts precinct that incorporates many a gallery and performance space. All within walking distance.

So at lunchtime I decided to break free of the screen and headed to the VCA gallery at gate 4 to check out Now or Never, a painting exhibition curated by Dawn Tan who has a lovely blog Handmade Love and was recently featured on The Design Files. There were some great works, but no information about any of the artists. You could pick Dawn's work though - a long bag of marshmallows. It made for a nice change of scenery.

The student gallery changes almost weekly showcasing different disciplines, so I'll be dropping in again no doubt.

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