Saturday, August 15, 2009

Slowing down

I did my best Punky Brewster imitation for a jaunt on Mr T's heavy but steady mountain bike. My usual ride involves lycra and is light and fast, but I'm increasingly leaning towards getting a 'townie' for commuting. Something less full on so I can cruise to the shops and to work (saving the need for a full wardrobe change). The whole style over speed is most appealling. I wanted to see if I'd enjoy the lack of pace so I choose today to ride to the footy. About 12kms each way. I loved it even though it was windy. I'm wholly convinced that I will adore riding my new slow bike!

Turns out this round is 'green' week for the AFL. The City of Melbourne had organised free valet bike parking at the ground and were giving away a bell. Score.

Talking of scores, I won't mention Richmond's dismal effort. We were playing for percentage after the first quarter.

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