Monday, August 24, 2009

Mondayitis postponed

I was a little bit grisly this morning. Far too late to bed last night. I could have happily stayed at home hung out in my slippers, drunk hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows and watched the rain.

In the end today wasn't too bad. I'm one step closer to getting my passport renewed, my tax return came through so I can now pay for trip we've booked to Singapore, Vietnam & Japan and we received an invitation to a much anticipated wedding. Not bad for a Monday.


Martina said...

Not bad...that's what I would call a good day! Sounds like a great trip you are planning...looking forward to hearing/seeing all about that when you go! That mug of hot choccie and marshmallows looks least your Monday is's still mid-morning here :(

Catherine said...

Oh that sounds like a very productive Monday! How exciting about your trip that will be wonderful. I think I am suffering mondayitis today all this wind and rain is getting me down plus my work is so boring at the moment, I need some sunshine!