Sunday, August 9, 2009


I had the most perfect Saturday. It started with an early rise to get a little crafty before heading into the city. I met the Parentals for a peruse of Ghostpatrol's open studio. We actually ran into him as he was carrying a massive pile of trash down the stairs and creating quite a trail. There were a couple of people there when we arrived and the studio was pretty much full when we left. The workspace itself is decked out with photos and illustrations and found objects. There's a huge table/work bench. I'm kicking myself I didn't take a closer look at the bookshelf though.

The work itself I liked, but nothing totally grabbed me like I was hoping, so I left empty handed and we went to Brother Baba Budan for a coffee and catch up. The flowers above were on our table. Good coffee indeed.

I then got on the bike and had two glorious hours in the sunshine. Flew down Beach Rd, but coming back into a headwind was tough. Thankfully I had some company at that stage and we worked together to get back into the city. I'm a touch unfit and need to reverse that as The Golden Child (my brother) and I have signed up for a 110km (somewhat hilly) ride at the end of this month.

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soz said...

Golden Child!!! That's an outrage. I didn't even cop an invite out for the family get together on Saturday...