Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend recap

MC Chair. Image: Yellow Diva

Bubbles on a String Necklace. Image: Layla Starr

Phew. What a weekend. It all started on Friday night with an impromptu visit to Cumulus Inc. I have been wanting to visit for months. Everything we ordered hit the spot and I would happily go back in a heartbeat.

Saturday night was fun at the engagement and Sunday was a long day. We managed to get to one Melbourne Open house scoring some great views of Melboune as well as This is Not a Design Market (first image above) showcasing local fashion, products, paper, furniture, lighting art and people.

Then Design:Made:Trade, highlights for me were the two items above. I would love a statement chair, and the MC from Yellow Diva totally fits the bill. Plus it was comfy. I could happily spend an afternoon reading my book in it.

The bubbles on a string necklace by sisters Kate and Jessica Hart of Lalya Starr totally captured my imagination. The necklace looked incredibly delicate, but I was assured of their strength when I was told the girls accidentally dropped a box nearly watching their livelihood smash to bits. Thankfully they bounced and can now assure customers of their strength!

Unfortunately both a touch out of my price range at this stage. But one can dream.

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