Friday, July 10, 2009

Yellow and grey

Yay for Friday. My short working week has felt looong. As the weekend stretches out before me, there's a sense of relief that I don't have to watch the weather forecast to work out when I'm going to get a 2+ hour run in. Mr T has already booked a sleep-in for tomorrow, even though I am notoriously bad at sleeping past 7:30am. I love being up early, I love that it gives you a chance to fit that much more in your day. There's so much to do.

After almost a year of sitting on bean bags, Mr T's new couches arrived about a month ago. They're sorely in need of some decorative cushions, and perhaps a throw for the cold winter nights. The couch is a cream leather and under our current lighting looks to have yellow undertones. As a result I can't get the combination of yellow and grey out of my mind. So this weekend may well involve sourcing material so I can make some cushions. Here's hoping.

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