Thursday, July 23, 2009

A week of Special Stuff - Day 04

This is Imelda, the white dog. She lives with the Parentals. You can see Miles in the background, but this post isn't about wholly evil pappies. It's about 'Mimi', the grumpy pappy. She doesn't like you, or you, or you or anyone. Maybe if you're male or a small child or if you fail to notice how pretty she is then you might get some attention. Until then there's only so much patting that she'll tolerate. She's a cat stuck in a dogs body. Except she does like water, filthy is good. And possums, she likes them and lizards. Though the less said about that episode the better.

But for all her snitchiness, she's mine and I love her to bits. And sometimes I'm pretty sure she likes me back. Particularly if I have the Parmesan cheese in my hand.

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Erin said...

that is SO cute!