Friday, July 31, 2009

Hellenic Republic

A booking had been secured for 6:30pm on the proviso that we were out by 8:30pm. Not a problem we thought, until Melbourne's traffic conspired against us the four of us. Who would have thought it was going to take an hour to get through the city?

We took our seats at the head of the blue & white tiled communal table at 7:00pm, with the knowledge that we had to get cracking. I was happy to see a Sauv Blanc from the Yarra Yalley on the wine list and thus was able to Put Victoria on My Table. Our waiter, while new, was informative. He helped us devise a menu that incorporated the pescetarian who wanted to leave enough room for dessert - me.

We started with pita and eggplant dip that had a lovely smokiness to it. A cannelini bean salad, roasted beetroot with yoghurt & cumin, stuffed vine leaves with yoghurt and saganaki served with peppered figs. Bigger dishes included grilled calamari and lamb off the spit, along side a Greek salad. Dessert was a plate of baklava and a bowl - a bowl! - of Greek doughnuts. Everything hit the spot, it was all full of flavour. We had almost the perfect amount of food, a touch too much, which was why I walked away with a piece of baklava to be consumed with my coffee at morning tea.

The dining room is interesting in that there's plenty to look at, be the kitchen or the furnishings. It's noisy and you do sit rather close to one another. We noticed that some people struggled to hear each other over the communal table. We thought at 8:00pm as the next sitting arrived that we were going to be hurried out, alas not and we were able to take our time over dessert. The whole experience thoroughly enjoyable.

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Martina said...

Everybody is talking about food this mouth is watering..this sounded like a delicious meal and a fun place to visit...maybe next time I'm in Melbourne!?