Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A week of Special Stuff - Day 03

The photo on the left was taken for a folio piece back in the day. The model was my brother and it was taken in the bathroom with the best available light using B&W film. Developed and printed myself. Sadly if you put me near an enlarger now I'd struggle.

The piece in the middle is (and here I reveal my lack of art processes) looks to be an ink drawing. It's the first of eight in the series and was given to my for my 13th birthday by the Mum of my best friend at the time. It sat in the back of my closet for a good few years. I didn't like the thought of an unhappy puffer fish staring out at me, but he's proved to be good company. And I have quite an affinity for him.

The third and slightly hard to see, admittedly, is a friend's wedding invitation. There are two birds that have been pressed into the paper, you might just be able to make out their outline. It's subtle and multipurpose. Good design I'd say.

The porcelain crane (from Have You Met Miss Jones) is a far more recent addition and one of two frivolous presents to myself from the collection after finally righting my wrongs all in the name of credit card debt. My classmates and I folded many a paper crane in middle school and I have a love for the Japanese culture that hopefully will see me returning to Japan (for the third time!) at the beginning of next year.

These all sit atop a wooden chest of drawers that I inherited from my Mum. Special to you? Not so much. Special to me? Oh yeah!

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Catherine said...

Lovely to have your art like that together it looks great. I love all the pieces from have you met miss jones they are so sweet I have one of the little pinecones.