Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A week of Special Stuff - Day 02

It came very late in life to me that people choose their own football team. By football I do mean AFL. My brother and I were born into it. I remember Mum picking me up from Victoria Park at half time because my concentration span was too short. I remember the bitterly cold days out at Waverley where it would inevitably be 5C colder than anywhere else in Melbourne. I will never live down the fact that I missed our last premiership win at the 1990 Grand Final because of Amanda T's ice skating & pancake parlour party.

I go to see what other people are having for lunch. I go to see what Mum has packed us for lunch. I go to see if we're the 3 in the attendance figures. I go to see my favourite score (15.10.100 for the record) I go for that rare time the Pies play precision football. I go for the "Dad time" and to catch up with my bro. It's not a bad way to spend part of a winter weekend.

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Catherine said...

I love going to the footy in Melbourne it's so much fun! Sadly my team is a bit crap, Richmond : ) it must be great going with your family cheering on the pies!