Friday, July 3, 2009

Cross that off the list

There are nine things on my list of 'Things to do in 09'. Running a stand alone marathon is one of them. That's happening this weekend. I'm dragging Mr T to the Gold Coast and running 42km on Sunday. Racing means a fairly quiet weekend taking it very easy. I've done my research and found all the decent cafes that serve good coffee within walking distance from our hotel, so that should keep the boy happy.

This has been a tough event to train for, particularly these last few weeks as the weather has become colder, wetter and windier. Running and I have a love/hate relationship. I hate that it hangs over my head when it's a training day, it's frustrating that I am not a natural born runner but I love being outside in glorious sunshine and I relish the satisfaction of completing a long run. And who could forget the endorphins!

Back in 04, I started training for my first ever triathlon. Four years later I completed Ironman (3.8km swim, 180km ride, 42km run). It's an incredibly selfish sport, sometimes all consuming, but gives you an incredible sense of achievement. It requires dedication, determination, self belief and toughness - mainly mental, but also physical. Sunday marks the end of this craziness for now. I believe exercise is a really important part of my life. But I'd like to see more balance in my time between the active and the creative. I look forward to getting back on my bike that's been sorely neglected these past few months, visiting the yoga shed just up the road from home more often and having more time during the week and on weekends to take up creative pursuits. This is why I started this blog to document the transition and following results.

Enjoy your weekend whatever you're pursuing.
And viva le tour!

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