Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A week of Fiesta - Day 03

Mum and I spent the two days prior to the party market shopping & cooking. I'd devised a savoury menu that included:
• Guacamole, salsa & corn chips
• Chicken, chili, mayo & mango tortilla wraps
• Prawn ceviche
Cheese and corn empanadas with chili mayo dipping sauce
Potato and chorizo empanadas (pictured) with coriander & sour cream dipping sauce

For ease and to differentiate we used ready made puff pastry for the vegetarian empanadas and ready made short crust pastry for the chorizo empanadas.

Steps: 10,127

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Martina said...

Yum...everything looks so delicious..will have to have a look at those recipes later..