Friday, October 9, 2009

A week of Fiesta - Day 05

Lastly there were decorations. Hand cut & sewn paper flags (as per this creative space), fresh flowers, fake mustaches and of course paper lanterns & fairy lights. BYO sombrero was encouraged to get into the spirit.

While pulling it all together I was inspired by Party Perfect, Snippet & Ink (really about weddings, but there's some great ideas amongst the white dresses) and Apple Cyder. Love the internets!

All in all a fun way to celebrate my first annual 30th.


Martina said...

Ah ha! So that was it!! Happy Birthday...looks like you put on a great party and had a blast!

erika said...

Looks like a lovely party, I like you banner very much, happy (belated) birthday!

molly said...

i am honored that you list me as inspiration for this incredible party you through. thanks for the link! molly

p.s. i stalk wedding blogs too!