Friday, October 16, 2009

More Sydney

We spent the last morning in Sydney hanging out in Hyde Park. I had my first decent coffee in 3 days and tasted my first white Tim Tam. Tasty! But my expectations were low, given my 'tour guide' thought they were going to be awesome and was disappointed.

I've digressed, we checked out the Sydney Life photographic exhibition as part of Art & About the contrast of huge vibrant prints against the green of the trees was striking. Sadly we didn't have time to check out the trees with jumpers in Kings Cross. Had I have known that was on, I would have been on a mission!


Catherine said...

I love Sydney at this time of year it's so enjoyable and the weather always seems nice. That art installation looks cool, the trees with the jumers sound cute. Have a great weekend!

Martina said...

Sydney is a great's been a long, long time since I lived there (working holiday)...I lived in Pott's Point - right beside King's Cross - for a while! I love these jumpers for the trees..great idea!