Monday, November 9, 2009

Stomping the Divots

It would have been a perfect weekend had I not lost my wallet. *Sigh*.
Saturday involved some time on the bike before it got too hot, time in the garden and time at the beach. Sunday was all about the ponies at the Polo. What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon! It was glorious. The game is quite amazing in that each player has 6-7 ponies that he'll ride through the game for about 3 mins each time. The skill of the players and the agility of the ponies was impressive and the Moscato to accompany the day was delicious. Spectators are invited onto the field during the break to stamp down the divots. The girls took the request seriously, the boys not so much. Thanks BG for a lovely day out.

And no I haven't forgotten, Papa, Happy Birthday.

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Jac said...

Bad news about the walllet, it's so horrible when that happens, even if you don't actually lose much. At least the rest of your weekend looked lovely and I am envious of your lovely weather!