Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sketch Saturday

It was all about the double watercolour class this week. Attendance at both Wednesday & Thursday night sessions. The first night I was able to catch up on what I missed last week. Namely an ink drawing. The process went as follows, trace said plant, in this case a strawberry flower and associated leaves. Transfer tracing to paper and go over with ink. Old school, in that there was a nib involved. New school in that the ink is waterproof. Well new to me.

I failed to grasp the hang of using the pen until well after finishing this drawing/painting. Elements I'm happy with include the stem & flower. The leaves, well they're just a disaster. I'm pretty keen to explore this further. I quite like the effect.

1 comment:

Jac said...

I really like this, and the fact that it is an ink drawing with the watercolour - nice style. What's wrong with the leaves? They look fine to me, in fact this whole sketch is lovely...