Sunday, November 15, 2009

Softie for Mirabel

Can you believe it? One post after the other with the tag finished! Unheard of round these traps.

Friday night saw me with the house to myself and time to sew with no distractions. I worked on this guy during the week and realised that my overlocking around his ears wasn't quite up to scratch - gaping holes would describe it adequately - I pulled apart the work and started again on a new body. He's wonky, and not really all that owl-like (might have something to do with the mustache) but you know what he's a softie and he's ready to be named and fingers crossed, adored by someone come Christmas.

He's flying off to Pip on Monday.


Catherine said...

He's very cute!

Sarah said...

I love him, and his 'tache- I hope he twirls it in a
'mwah ha ha..' sort of way!?
I also love your granny squares which I've just spotted on flikr....gorgeous colours...I likey aloty...