Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Village life

One of my favourite places to explore in Vietnam was the fishing village of Mui Ne. Possibly because it was such a contrast to the resort Mui Ne we'd stayed in for the previous two days. This, to me, felt like "real" Vietnam, untouched by the tourist dollar, locals living everyday life.

Mr T got a kick out of it too. Our taxi driver abandoned us and the only way back was by motorbike. My aim of the trip was to avoid them at all costs. Obviously I lived to tell the tale, but I'm sure the driver still has my fingertip impressions in his flank because I was absolutely petrified.


Martina said...

Oh...great pictures...I missed Vietnam on my Asian travels so am looking forward to seeing more :)

Catherine said...

Lovely pictures it sounds like it must have been a great trip! So nice to take all of january off too I imagine! The bikes sound a little scary but I guess it's all part of the adventure : ) looking forward to seeing mote pics too.