Tuesday, February 2, 2010

10 things in 2010

It's starting to feel like 2010. I only just got a diary today. At lunchtime. I tell you, celebrating the new year in a different country has thrown me. Ending our holiday in the cold that was Japan I feel as though our Summer hasn't begun and it's nearly over! We're one month into 2010 and it time to get down some aspirations for the year. 10 things in 2010, to follow on from the 9 things in 2009. Which worked for me better than resolutions. Last year the focus was on the marathon and living a more creative life. This year I'd like the two to play nicely throughout the year. I want to be able to focus on fitness & creativity all at once. It's going to take some fine tuning, but I think I can do it.

On the list:
1. Take French language lessons
2. Read 12 books
3. Climb the 1000 steps (left over from '09)
4. Run something with the word marathon in the title (half or full - I haven't decided)
5. Finish the large cotton crochet blanket started last year
6. Rack up 10 hours of windsurfing - I'm still learning to pull the sail up!
7. Engage a personal trainer/run coach or join a running group
8. Continue Botanical Illustration classes
9. >Insert Financial goal here< Savings. Lots of them. I can smell the next OS venture already.
10. Master 5 fish dishes - including a whole fish.


Jac said...

I'm totally loving this list Casie and keep nodding my head to your goals. I'm very impressed about the running, especially as I was super proud to have managed a 10k in 2009. I'm not sure about a half marathon but never say never eh?! Nice to know someone else will be getting into the running even if you are on the other side of the world! :)

Martina said...

Goal Girl! Impressive...I usually start thinking about this stuff mid-Feb...it's all a bit difficult in January :)