Thursday, February 11, 2010


I enjoyed walking through the markets in Vietnam. Everywhere we went the produce looked fresh and vibrant. This translated into the food we ate throughout the trip.

The two standout eateries that we visited were Light Candle in Hoi An. Here we were served wonderfully home cooked food by the most affable Vietnamese women, the passion she has for food and people was compelling. I've never experienced anything quite like it. We enjoyed the place so much we went back a second time, admittedly for breakfast.

The second place was in Hanoi (though there's also a place in Saigon). The premise is to take the best street food vendors and have them all in one place. The choice of tasty morsels was overwhelming, but once we'd chosen, with help from other travelers at our communal table, we weren't disappointed. I would happily have gone back to sample the rest of the menu! You'll find Quan An Ngon, in the French Quarter.

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Sammy said...

This is veggies heaven.