Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday night meal

It feels like a long time between drinks here. Maybe because I went a whole weekend without snapping away on the digital camera. I resorted to film which calls for a little more discretion.

With CF card located and back safely where it belongs, it times to share tonight's meal. I was not so disappointed to find out Mr T was off to conference dinner and didn't require a date. Beetroot time! I like mine roasted, in a salad with a sharp vinaigrette, salty feta and candied walnuts. You can make friends with this salad for sure.


Jac said...

mmm that salad sounds tasty, I love beetroot and salty feta - yum! I'm having a chickpea salad with feta for lunch today but it's only 11am here and i'm starving - roll on lunchtime!

It followed me home said...

Yumm.. Me and this beet salad are old friends.