Monday, December 6, 2010

Bubble tea

While shopping for wonton wrappers last weekend, I stumbled across dried tapioca pearls used in bubble tea. This household likes bubble tea. But making it yourself means you can dial down the sweetness.

First I made tea. Any black tea will do.
I prepared the tapioca pearls according to these directions.
For best results serve the tapioca pearls slightly warm or at room temperature. When cold they're hard in the middle, not soft like they should be.

• 1-2 tbs prepared tapioca pearls • 1 cup cold tea • 1 tsp sweetened condensed milk (low fat is fine) • 1 dash milk.
Add all to a glass and stir stir stir to dissolve the condensed milk. Drink the deliciousness wishing you had one of those fat straws to assist with eating of the pearls. Though a spoon will do and it's far more environmentally friendly!


Catherine said...

I haven't tried bubble tea yet but I'm intrigued! Perhaps I should try making some myself. Hope you had a lovely weekend : )

Green Mama said...

I can't get into bubble tea- the sugar puts me off- but this looks lovely!