Monday, November 22, 2010


Returning from overseas, Mr T thought that he'd spend his allocated duty free alcohol allowance on pear infused vodka. Sounds like an awesome idea, taste is another matter altogether. We finally stumbled on something appetizing and refreshing for stinking hot days; like today.

If you're (un)lucky enough to have a bottle of pear vodka hanging around try this:

Lots of ice
1 shot/30mls pear vodka
1 shot/30mls vermouth
top with plenty of soda
garnish with lemon, lime & pear slices.


Forgotten Fancies said...

Pear vodka sounds so refreshing. Too bad it wasn't as nice as it sounded. Have you tried honey vodka? That is my absolute favourite. It's perfect with a dash of apple juice.

Anna said...

It's terrible when something like that happens, do disappointing. Your mix sounds like it would be nice though.

On an unrelated note - if you make the persian love cake, the recipe uses yoghurt, i think when i make it again I might try sour cream. I think the tanginess of the yoghurt was a bit too much with the nutmeg. It is yum though and thanks saying you liked the look of mine :)

Catherine said...

It's good to know pear vodka is a no go when I read the first line I thought mm pear vodka! At least you found a way to drink it!

It's my first time to Europe next year too, I've been wanting to go for ages I've narrowed my destinations down to London, Paris, Barcelona and Stockholm....and yep I'm excited too!