Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beetroot wonton raviloi revisited

As requested, it's a little time consuming, but makes for a nice meal.

Start by roasting 200-250g beetroot wrapped in foil at 180C for ~50 mins.
At the 40 min mark, throw 2 cloves of garlic in the oven, still in their skin and a handful of hazelnuts. Roast these for 10 min.

Once done, process the beetroot, roasted garlic cloves, 200-205g ricotta, 30-40g Parmesan cheese, salt & pepper to a smooth paste.

Place a generous teaspoon of the beetroot mix onto a wonton and sandwich with another wonton wrapper, making sure to wet the edges so that they seal properly. I use a fork to press along the sides.

Cook 'ravioli' in rolling boiling water until they float. Or the wonton become translucent. It won't take long

Serve with a burnt butter and sage, and roasted hazelnuts

Hints and tips.
• You can use either yellow or white wrappers. I preferred the white, though they didn't seal as well as the yellow. Mr T preferred the yellow, he said they were richer.
• 4 per serve works pretty well, if you serve with a side of greens.
• They freeze beautifully, making for a super easy and speedy midweek meal

I might try steaming them next time. I'll update here if it works well.

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