Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The weekend

Late for a recap, I know. My weekend was about movies (Wild Target, The Hurt Locker), cabin fever due to all the rain, Mr T ripping out our laundry, a hellish trip to Ikea and highly coloured food.

The beetroot ravioli was delicious, I totally cheated and used won ton wrappers for the pastry, next time I'll hunt out the white ones though, these were a touch glutinous. For dessert it was all about the green tea macaron filled with a simple cream cheese based icing; passionfruit or chocolate flavoured. Personally I thought the chocolate let the green tea flavour come through better, but Mr T preferred the over powering passionfruit.


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Casie said...

I promise once I make the ravioli again - with better wrappers - I'll post a recipe.

The macaron recipe can be found elsewhere on this site, I added maybe 2 tsp of green tea powder. It wasn't enough.