Friday, November 26, 2010

The week in green

We have 1000 thread count sheets, but I much prefer the feel of basic Ikea cotton sheets. We got a new set, there's something about the green that reminds me of my childhood.

The basil is sitting happily on the kitchen windowsill getting the morning sun, while the homegrown garlic behind it is four weeks away from use.

And sadly I ate the last of our green tea kit kat supply. Sweetness from the white/green 'chocolate' and the slight bitterness of green tea, a perfect combination!


emsveen said...

Is the green tea kit kat a Japanese thing? I'm going there for Christmas if you want to replenish your stash?

Anna said...

aren't ikea sheets great? i bought some for our spare bed and i want to go back and get some for my bed.

Casie said...

Emma! Yes, a Japanese thing indeed! I'll email you.