Friday, October 8, 2010


A whole free Saturday stretches before me. That my friends is a luxury not indulged in recently what with Grand Finals; a draw and the replay. Sunday sees 120+ km on the bike before next weekend's 210km for Around the Bay. The fact that the weather is going to be glorious helps tremendously.

Oh and if you ever wanted some bright colour in the garden, I highly suggest planting ranunculus. They really are super easy to grow.


It followed me home said...

I don't know why but gardening is daunting to me - i know i'll enjoy it but just I need to get started. I'll be popping here for inspiration. Thank you!
Have a lovely weekend!

Catherine said...

Wow that is a long bike ride, followed by an even longer one I am so impressed! I love your ranunculus, they are so pretty to have in the garden.