Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I have the technology

I've spent the last couple of days recovering from Sunday. It was a big day. It took us eight and a bit hours to ride the 210km (with a little help from a ferry ride). I'd come down with a cold the week prior so I wasn't 100% fit. But in the end happy with the effort.

Today marks the arrival of my new phone. I've been out of contract for ages and with the slow demise and functionality of my old phone it was time to upgrade. I will now have a camera with a somewhat decent resolution on me at all times. This makes me happy. I just have to get over the fear of dropping it.

Your fave app suggestions are welcomed!


Jac said...

Wow to the bike ride, I am so impressed just reading about it!! lol
Oooh the new iphone yay!! I so so love mine and would be seriously lost without it! As to apps I'll send you a list of some that i have but i'm just about to leave work now!! :)

Erin Ⓥ said...

Angry birds!

Casie said...

Mr T has Angry Birds. I'm not completely taken by it yet!

Jen Appel said...

Hipstamatic is a must for taking photos.

Congratulations on the new baby!

Anonymous said...'s Martina..not signed in to Blogger! Yay to the new iPhone...I am on my third...smashed the first, sent the second down the toilet so I now have insurance :) Will give you some app ideas soon...I have a Martha Everyday Recipe app which I think was free - you get a recipe a day and you seem to enjoy your cooking! Nigella and Jamie have apps too. Hipastamatic is cool, and Cartolina, ShakeItPhoto for polaroid type shots. That's it..must dash! Martina

Jac said...

Back to the apps... (and no it hasn't taken me a week to get home lol!). Ok Hipstamatic is brilliant as is photo FX, camerabag is also pretty good. Epicurious app (which was free) for loads of good recipe ideas, miTypewriter just for the novelty of being able to send emails in type format, WhatsApp if you want to instant message easily or send photos if that's not covered by your contract.... :)

Casie said...

Thanks so much for the suggestions. Slowly building my app collection!