Saturday, October 16, 2010

Indoor kinda weather

It's been an easy Saturday, after brunching with friends at St Ali, we popped into the South Melbourne Market for some supplies and I then proceeded to potter in the kitchen while Mr T spent quality time in his garage.

To fuel for tomorrow we'll be having baked homemade gnocchi.

I also made this broccoli slaw but with my go to dressing of horseradish & light whole egg mayo - thinned with a bit of water.


Catherine said...

Oh yum, I love homemade gnocchi and yours looks good. Enjoy your cooking!:)

Martina said...

Yummilicious! Hey there! Thanks for all that great advice regarding the old Vespa! Great stuff and very useful! I will let you's 3k here which is a lot to spend on something we don't reeeaalllyy need! Hope your bike ride goes really well tomorrow :)