Sunday, August 29, 2010

10 things in '10: 1-6 update

August comes to a close and I thought it was time to revisit my 10 things in '10 list.
  1. Take French language lessons - Uh, I really need to start. Currently trying french by immersion, by borrowing lots of French films & listening to French radio.
  2. Read 12 books - 11 down! Easiest to read has been the Girl with the dragon tattoo series. And really enjoying my current read Tokyo Vice by Jake Adelstien. Always taking book recommendations!
  3. Climb the 1000 steps (left over from '09) - Forgot about this one! Worthwhile revisiting the list.
  4. Run something with 'marathon' in the title - July's Run Melbourne Half marathon went pretty well. I was a minute off my 2007 PB which was a little frustrating. But overall happy with my effort. The plan is to finish off the year with a few 10kms. Focus now is on a 210km ride in October.
  5. Finish the large cotton crochet blanket started last year - Spending far less time in the car over the Winter which means less crocheting. No excuses. I've got to get it out again if it's ever going to be finished.


Jaclyn said...

loving your lists...i too want to learn french, or let me rephrase, i just want to be french. :)

Green Mama said...

You have to do the steps! I do them every Saturday, and for 6 months last year I did them twice a week with a cherub strapped to my chest. You did Run Melbourne. The steps will be nothing for you!

Casie said...

It's more that the 1000 steps are on the other side of Melbourne for us. A long drive, that I don't fancy taking on the Scooter. So I'd need Mr T to come too. And our weekends have been busy recently.

Jac said...

Wow you're so on track, I really am impressed and really anyone who runs a half marathon gets my serious respect. The longest run I've done is 10k!!

Emma said...

Love Bellville! Not much is said though - so plenty of time to look up words between lines! Hope you love the film, it's very unusual!

How about Cyrano de Bergerac, Le Tartuffe, Jean de Florette or Manon des Sources... ah, ahem think I just gave away a liking for Gerard Depardieu there!! Lots of his films are in French... !!