Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's not tumbleweeds

It's been a bit like that recently. So many commitments so little time. I've taken to setting my alarm at 5:30am just to get everything done. Frightful. Even more frightful when you get out of the wrong side of the bed and no amount of coffee can cheer you up. These roses do though. Taken in a market in Japan. Look at the perfection!


Catherine said...

wow I am so impressed that you are able to get out of bed that early, it must be seriously dark? Hopefully you can resume your normal wake up time soon. THe roses are stunning, I love all those pretty pinks. Oh and I got my macarons from laurent last night, I can't wait to take some pictures! Thank you for the heads up with that one : )

Jac said...

Oh how I know what you little time, though I'm trying to get more organised. The worst part about it is that the alarm in my house goes off at about half five every morning for work, though I have to confess to getting up second as my o/h gets up first so I get a 'lie in' until sixish!! If I got up any earlier I'd be meeting myself going to bed!! I hope this is a temporary state for you. At least the roses look beautiful so you can always look at the photo and cheer yourself up!