Wednesday, June 23, 2010


In the most recent edition of Donna Hay magazine there's a feature on maple syrup. I endured an incident at customs that involved me unpacking my backpack to reveal cans of the stuff upon my return from Canada, and still I hold no resentment. Such is the love. I couldn't go past the Maple syrup honeycomb.

When my bro extended an invite to his new place for dinner last night, I knew I'd be bringing dessert. This + good vanilla ice cream = a sweet end to the night.

Based on Donna Hay's Choc coated maple honeycomb (where I substituted water for butter)
• 2 cups sugar • 1/3 cup maple syrup • 1/3 cup honey • 1/3 cup water OR 180g butter• 1 tbs bicarb soda sifted • dark choc - her recipe calls for 500g, I used what I had which was a handful of choc melts.

Prepare your pan first - line it with baking paper and grease lightly.

In a large saucepan add the sugar, maple syrup, honey and water OR butter. You need to dissolve the sugar, so stir away.
Bring to a simmer and get the mixture up to 150C/300F you'll need a candy thermometer for this. It will probably take 7-8min. Once at that temperature, remove the thermometer, take off the heat, sift in the bicarb and stir. The mixture will double, very quickly. Pour into prepared pan and let it set for 30 mins. I let it sit for 10 min, melted the chocolate and spread it over the honeycomb then put it all in the freezer for 20 mins.

You know what's even sweeter? United States of Tara returns tonight on the ABC.


Jen Appel said...

Montreal is the maple syrup capital of Canada. In the Spring all the little markets sell that years "vintage" of the syrup. It's like wine - they compare one years batch to the lasts.

When I walk through Marché Jean-Talon (a farmer's market near my home) I always have to get a tire sur la neige - warm maple syrup cooled on fresh snow and wound around a popsicle stick.

Then I have sugar shock for the next few hours!

Jac said...

ooh this looks fantastic - I'd never actually thought about making this before but it looks like fun and delicious which ticks all the right boxes!

Casie said...

Jen, tire sur la neige sounds like heaven on a stick!

The bunny theory said...

Your honeycomb looks fantastic! I tried making it the other day but for some reason it collasped after 10 mins and wouldn't set... My recipe didn't say simmer till 150C, I might try your recipe this weekend. Wish me luck.

Love your blog by the way.