Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Burnt brulee

Mr T doesn't really do sweet. Which is odd because he has a bit of a thing for brulee.* We'll just ignore the fact that there's a sugar top there won't we. And sure it's a little burnt because I don't have the luxury of a blow torch and I was a little heavy handed on the grill heat, but hey, it tastes pretty good.

Particularly after a day that involved watching the tow truck take off with the car that I've been driving for the last 12 years. So long Suzy.

* I started this recipe yesterday. It definitely needs overnight to set, because it was pretty wobbly out of the oven last night. I went by a 1 egg yolk to 100mls of cream ratio and made some guess work on the sugar as I didn't have 6 yolks to use up.


Linn said...

Wow! Looks great! One of my new year's resolutions is to perfect creme brulee. With the year half gone, I'd better get onto it!

Jac said...

Oh I really like creme brulee but i've never tried to make it before. It's because I don't have a blow torch that I've been put off making it but yours looks delicious!

Casie said...

It was ok under the grill. I'd just watch it like a hawk. Mine was a touch burnt, but still completely edible!