Monday, March 1, 2010

Would you like some colour with that?

One of the 'boring' things to do this year was update our manchester. You know when the elastic on the fitted sheet reaches the stretch of no return? Shamefully some of ours did just that a couple of months ago, but I hadn't got around to shopping for new sheets until the weekend just gone. Imagine my delight when I entered large department store to find Orla Kiely bedding on sale. And Mr T actually liked them. The stars must have aligned or something. I love that there's now a crazy amount of colour in our otherwise neutral bedroom.


Catherine said...

Ooh they are lovely and on sale! They looks great. Boring Hobart myer doesn't stock them, pah : )

Catherine said...

What a lovely splash of colour added to your room. I love the simple pattern and the shades of colour are perfect for autumn.:)

Jac said...

I love this, such gorgeous colour and how lucky that they were on sale and Mr T like them also.!