Thursday, May 20, 2010


So while I had a pattern I needed some major help to read essentially another language. All those k's, p's, sl's and *'s. I needed the help of an expert. You know, someone who's been at this a little longer than I. Poor Mum, she had no escape given she's been prescribed strict bed rest after her foot op. It took us three goes, but we got there. A wonky kind of cable, but cable nevertheless.


Anonymous said...

What would we do without Mums? I think you should be very proud of those cables!

SewHum said...

OMG - My mum has had a foot op and is stuck on her couch. But she's the one doing the cabling. It took her a few goes to get it to.
Yours looks snuggley!
well done!

Jac said...

This looks gorgeous and so soft! I'm loving the grey colour also - clever you! (and your mum of course!)