Thursday, May 13, 2010

The blues

A couple of weeks ago I did something very out of the ordinary. For me anyway. I made a purchase that included a shade of blue. Those who know me well may need a minute to pick themselves up off the floor. I can't explain what it is with blue, but in the nicest way it offends my aesthetic sensibilities. Don't ask, I am aware of the ridiculousness. But I could not resist the other colours in this necklace from Kristina Klarin. The arrival of the necklace brightened my week even with the blues.


Catherine said...

Very pretty purchase I can understand why you couldn't resist even if it did have blue in it. The colours are really pretty:)

Catherine said...

Isn't colour a funny thing, I know how you feel about blue I feel the same about red : ) I love the beads, they look lovely.