Wednesday, January 5, 2011

11 things in 2011

10 things in 2010 could only be followed by you guessed it, 11 things in 2011.
A mix of personal, crafty, sporty, life-y goals. I like focus you see, oh and ticking things off a list.
Here they are, in all their glory
1. Gold Coast marathon. 42kms. Oh yeah.
2. Rejoin running group (see above)
3. Try kickboxing. It was on last year's list
4. Volunteer on a food bus. Or in any capacity really. Time to give back.
5. See some live music. I haven't done this in ages and used to go all the time.
6. Read 20 books.
7. Go camping. I've been bugging Mr T for ages. He's totally onside.
8. Knit socks.
9. Finish the crochet blanket
10. Rock red lippy for a week. Man that stuff is scary. I want to tame the fear.
11. Dare I say it - get a new job.


Erin Ⓥ said...

Love your list Cas - very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

If you're looking for some reading material...I just finished Jonathan Franzen's new book "Freedom". I would highly recommend it!