Tuesday, January 4, 2011

10 things in '10: Final update

1. Take French language lessons: Not done. But I do have plenty of listening material on my iPod. 2. Read 12 books: Done! 15 books. Nothing outstanding, but I do credit the Stieg Larsson Millennium series for getting me back on the reading wagon. 3. Climb the 1000 steps (left over from '09): Done, sans hangover. 4. Run something with the word marathon in the title (half or full - I haven't decided): Done! Half marathon ran in July. 5. Finish the large cotton crochet blanket started last year: Still going. 6. Rack up 10 hours of windsurfing: Not quite 10 hours yet, but summer's here and I'm keen to get out there again 7. Engage a personal trainer/run coach or join a running group: Joining a running group saw my times improve dramatically. So worth it. 8. Continue Botanical Illustration classes: I think I only did a term, but I did enjoy it. 9. *Insert Financial goal here* You can never really have enough. But I should be set for my six months off work including two months in Europe. 10. Master 5 fish dishes - including a whole fish. Not quite the five dishes mastered, but I do feel more comfortable cooking with fish (and meat as it turns out). This chicken satay dish converted really well to fish (see above) and of course a whole fish was cooked. I also had a go at curing fish.

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Green Mama said...

Well done, you! What's 2011 have in store for you?