Monday, April 12, 2010

High brow

After seeing Kick Ass (funnily inappropriate) on Saturday we opted for some high brow on Sunday. Enter the Ron Mueck exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. A thoroughly moving experience. The emotion he captures in his sculptures is palpable. The detail remarkable.

If you're in Melbourne you have until the 18th of April - that's next weekend! New Zealanders count yourself lucky, the exhibition travels there next.


It followed me home said...

Been meaning to see the Ron Mueck exhibition, it looks amazing.

Many thanks for the tip on the Whitney Museum. I can imagine I'll be spending a bit of time at the Anthro stores.

Jac said...

I nearly went to the Ron Mueck exhibition when I was in Manchester but didn't get the time. The only thing is his sculptures are so life like I almost feel a little squeamish looking at them!