Sunday, April 11, 2010

10 things in 2010: 6-10 update

6. Rack up 10 hours of windsurfing - So I got to 3:15 before I did myself a back injury (the physio mentioned possibility of a herniated disc which hasn't been a whole lot of fun). Don't windsurf when overtired! I'm still keen to get better, I just think I need to find a teacher that isn't my partner and work on some back strength.
7. Engage a personal trainer/run coach or join a running group - Who knew running could be fun? I do it for the challenge, it's a bonus that for an hour each week, with my new running group I actually enjoy it!!
8. Continue Botanical Illustration classes - Term 1 done. The gum leaves were my last attempt. I'm going to sit out term 2 due to work commitments but plan to go back in term 3.
9. >Insert Financial goal here<. Savings lots of them. This is going really well, even with budgeting for some big (boring) expenses later in the year. Paris is looking good too!
10. Master 5 fish dishes - including a whole fish - Sadly as good as Miso glazed fish tastes, it doesn't photograph so well, or maybe I need to work on my styling! I'm a couple of fish dishes down and hoping to cook a whole Salmon sometime soon.

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Jac said...

I'm impressed, you seem to be doing really well. I totally sympathise with you about the back problem. I'm still getting a twinge every now and then but am pretty much back on track. It's great that you're managing to complete your goals - well done!